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Every archer knows the thrill of letting an arrow fly, but the quality of your bow can make or break that moment. Mathews has long been synonymous with high-performance archery equipment, a brand that seasoned archers hold in high regard. The anticipation of owning one bubbles within every bow enthusiast who dreams of precision and reliability.

However, the splendor of a Mathews bow often comes with a steep price tag when new. This raises a crucial question for budget-conscious archers: Are the savings worth it when opting for a used model? Many seasoned archers have found that pre-owned Mathews bows can still provide the stellar performance the brand is known for, but at a fraction of the cost.

In this article, we’ll dive into the smart world of buying used Mathews bows with confidence. We’ll explore what makes a used Mathews bow a worthy investment, how much they typically cost, and how to secure the best deal for a bow that will continue to hit the mark for years to come.

Used mathews bow for sale

Are you an archery enthusiast searching for a high-quality bow without breaking the bank? Consider a used Mathews bow—the choice of champions and hunters alike. Mathews, revered for its pioneering technology such as the Solocam, has been a trailblazer among compound bow manufacturers. A leader for hunting precision and a favorite in competitive target archery, Mathews’ models like the VXR, Halon, and Triax shine in performance.

Opting for used Mathews bows, from formidable options like the V3X and the Chill, to classics like the Creed and Drenalin, equals great value. It’s crucial, however, to check the bow’s condition meticulously, noting draw length, limbs’ integrity, and string condition—unfired strings are a plus. You won’t inherit the warranty, so due diligence is key.

Purchasers can often find packages complete with arrows, in excellent condition. Available through private resales or specialty forums, these bows remain reliable companions for bow hunting and archery.

For those devoted to excellence in archery, a used Mathews bow, in a wide array of models, is a smart investment—delivering unparalleled Mathews quality at a fraction of the cost.

How much do Mathews bows cost?

Mathews bows are renowned for their quality and performance in the world of archery, and their pricing reflects this. Those looking to purchase a used Mathews bow can expect a range that generally spans from $500 to $1500, depending on factors such as model, condition, and included accessories. More recent or flagship models like the Mathews V3X 33 RH Right Handed Compound Bow may command higher prices, for instance, currently listing at $1,399.00. Conversely, a Mathews V3 27 Compound Bow in 70lb with 28in draw length is somewhat more affordable at $920.00.

Mid-range options such as the Mathews VXR28 Bow hover around $1,150.00, showcasing a balance of value and performance. Bowhunters looking for a solid deal might consider the Mathews Halon 32, which is being sold for about $669.00. Keep in mind prices for models like the Mathews TRX 34 and the Mathews V3X 29 can approach the $850.00 mark. Ultimately, the cost of a used Mathews bow is quite variable but remains a keen reflection of the brand’s standing as a leader among compound bow manufacturers.

Is a used Mathews bow worth the money?

When considering a compound bow for hunting or target archery, a new Mathews bow stands as a symbol of quality and performance. However, such excellence comes at a cost, with prices skyrocketing beyond $2,000 for fresh, off-the-line models. For budget-conscious archers, used Mathews bows present a tantalizing offer—getting hands on a leader for hunting performance at a fraction of the original price.

A used Mathews bow’s worth hinges on several factors—condition, model, and age. Models like the Mathews Triax, Mathews VXR, or the Mathews Halon, known for their robust build, can be excellent acquisitions, especially in “excellent condition.” The key is to verify the bow’s maintenance history. Have the strings been unfired or nearly new? Are the 70lbs limbs free of damage? Assessing these elements can ensure you’re investing in a bow that retains its precision and longevity.

When buying a used Mathews bow – which may no longer be covered by Mathews Inc.’s original warranty – one must scrutinize each detail. While you may forgo the option to personalize with the Mathews Bow Builder or receive warranty coverage, the significantly lower investment often justifies the purchase, particularly if the bow is in prime condition.

Mathews Bows For Sale

For those passionate about archery, a Mathews bow is often a coveted piece of equipment, renowned for their seamless blend of high performance and reliability. Founded by Matt McPherson, Mathews Inc. has been a stalwart in the archery industry since 1992 and a preferred choice for hunters and target shooters alike, making a name for its Mathews Solocam bows, among others.

Based in Sparta, Wisconsin, and employing nearly 400 people, Mathews is one of the most recognized compound bow manufacturers in business today. Their diverse lineup, such as the Mathews Triax, VXR, TRX, and the newer V3X, offers something for every archer.

Purchasing a used Mathews bow offers an excellent opportunity to own a piece of this legacy without the high price tag. When searching for used Mathews bows for sale, one can expect to find options in excellent condition, including models like the Mathews Drenalin, Halon, and Vertix. Buying pre-owned doesn’t mean sacrificing quality; many of these bows come with unfired strings and are packaged as a complete kit with arrows.

Remember to check the draw length and weight—like the common 70lbs limbs—to ensure the perfect fit. Whether you’re into compound bow hunting archery or bow target archery, a Mathews bow could be your trusted companion for years to come.

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