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Mathews Archery is where Precision meets passion in the world of archery, a sport where every detail can make the difference between the centre of the target and a near miss. Mathews Archery has carved out a formidable reputation in this space, becoming synonymous with quality and innovation in archery equipment. Their relentless pursuit of perfection has made them a household name among archery enthusiasts.

From elite competition bows to trusty hunting companions, Mathews has continually toppled its best with newer, more advanced models. The list of the best Mathews bows across history is not just a showcase of technology, but a testament to the evolution of the archer’s craft.

For those ready to take aim with a Mathews bow, the search for the right equipment does not have to be far from home. In the forthcoming article, we explore the offerings of Mathews Archery, dive into their most celebrated models, discover where to find Mathews equipment near you, and examine the options for purchasing your own piece of archery excellence.

Mathews Archery – Archery Supplies and Archery Equipment – Archery Country

Since its inception in 1992, Mathews Archery has cemented its reputation as a premier provider of cutting-edge bows and archery accessories, much to the delight of the bow hunting and archery communities. The brand is synonymous with high-precision engineering and groundbreaking designs that cater to the dedicated archer’s quest for perfection.

A testament to their exceptional craftsmanship, Mathews bows boast unparalleled accuracy, speed, and quietness. Their lineup of hunting bows is a showcase of excellence, integrating advanced technologies such as the Crosscentric cams, refined grips, and the industry-lauded 3D Damping Technology for a shooting experience that is as smooth as it is effective.

Mathews Archery offers a wide spectrum of products, each meticulously designed to fulfill the unique demands of various archers. You’ll find specifications such as adjustable draw length and weight, diverse brace heights, optimized axle-to-axle lengths, and expansive let-off percentages, all available in multiple colors and compatible with high-grade accessories.

Distinguished Archery Supplies:

Seeking the right gear? Mathews has partnered with authorized dealers such as Lancaster Archery Supply, ensuring every archer is equipped with top-tier equipment. When you choose Mathews, you invest in a legacy of quality and a commitment to advancing the art of archery.


The Best Mathews Bows of Recent History

Mathews Archery has long stood at the pinnacle of archery technology, consistently redefining the hunting experience with its high-performance Mathews bows. In 2010, the Mathews Z7 took center stage, impressing Outdoor Life in a rigorous bow test. Its groundbreaking design, which included a honeycombed riser and parallel limbs, became a hallmark of innovation during the time of Mathews’ Solo Cam bows. The blend of smoothness, speed, and negligible hand shock made it a favorite among archery aficionados.

The excellence of Mathews’ creations didn’t stop with the Z7. The brand continued to captivate its audience with top-tier hunting bows, like the Lift 29.5, which quickly gained consumer acclaim for its exceptional performance. The Lift series, which also includes the Lift 33 and Lift 29.5, caters to the precise demands of bowhunters and 3D archers, showcasing Mathews’ commitment to quality and precision.

Mathews Archery’s reputation for delivering some of the best hunting equipment remains unblemished. With advancing technology and a passion for enhancing the archery journey, Mathews remains a go-to for hunters seeking the ultimate gear.



Notable Features



Honeycombed riser, parallel limbs



Renowned for excellence in hunting



Engineered for bowhunters, 3D archers

Mathews Archery Near Me

Embark on your archery journey with Mathews Archery, a name synonymous with the forefront of innovation in archery technology. Since its inception in 1992, Mathews bows has dedicated itself to handcrafting hunting bows and equipment that stand the test of time and the rigors of the hunt. Their lineup is an embodiment of quality and performance, designed for the novice and the seasoned archer alike.

As the largest Mathews Archery Dealer in the Midwest, we take pride in stocking an extensive range of their latest offerings. Each piece showcases the brand’s commitment to precision engineering. Whether you’re in search of the silent glide of a hunting bow or the pinpoint accuracy afforded by their Bow Sights and revolutionary Bridge-Lock Sight Technology, Mathews Archery delivers.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find:

  • Performance hunting bows
  • Quiet hunting bows with parallel, split, and wide limb options
  • Precision Bow Sights
  • Exclusive caps and gear (Mathews Antler, Broad-Pine, Full Curl, Half Rack, and Overwatch Caps)

Visit us to experience why hunters and competitive archers pick Mathews for their adventures. Your ultimate hunting gear awaits with quality archery design that defines the Mathews experience.

About Mathews Compound Bows

Mathews Archery has consistently set the bar high in the archery industry, cementing its reputation for producing exceptionally quiet, accurate, and smooth compound bows. Their compound bows, favored by hunters and competitive shooters alike, boast cutting-edge Crosscentric cam technology and are complemented by features such as refined grips and the superior 3D Damping Technology, which contribute to their award-winning performance.

The adjustability and precision of Mathews compound bows are unparalleled, catering to the needs of contemporary archers striving for utmost accuracy and a silky-smooth draw experience. The innovation doesn’t stop there; Mathews has also pioneered distinct designs like the Grid Lock riser and parallel limb configurations that elevate functionality and aesthetics.

Mathews Archery’s dedication to customer satisfaction and sustained advancement in the sport is evident through their unyielding commitment to quality and performance. Whether for the seasoned hunter or the passionate target shooter, Mathews compound bows represent a blend of innovation and craftsmanship that persistently raises the level of archery performance.

Bow Features


Crosscentric Cams

Smooth drawing and highly accurate

3D Damping Technology

Award-winning vibration control

Grid Lock Riser

Innovative and lightweight construction

Adjustable Performance

Tailored precision to individual archers

From the silent hunting fields to the meticulous world of target archery, Mathews’ lineup is designed to exceed expectations and enhance the archery experience for all.

Mathews Archery For Sale

Dedicated to the advancement of archery technology, Mathews Archery has secured its position as a premier name in the archery community. Since its inception in 1992, the company has charted a remarkable journey, creating compound and hunting mathews bows that blend accuracy, speed, and consistency seamlessly, much to the delight of archers nationwide.

Archery enthusiasts can explore the latest in Mathews Archery’s hunting lineup at authorized dealers, where offerings like the Mathews Lifts 29.5 and 33 stand out for their innovative design and solid performance. As one of the most extensive Mathews Archery Dealers in the Midwest, customers have access to an impressive stockpile of hundreds of bows along with expert services for warranty work and repairs.

Mathews Archery’s relentless pursuit of quality is evident in every product they manufacture — a testament to their commitment to the archer’s experience. Top-of-the-line materials, paired with cutting-edge technology, ensure that each bow meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

For archers ready to elevate their game, Mathews bows offers an experience that is both transformative and fulfilling, promising equipment that is just as ambitious and refined as their passion for archery.

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