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Hoyt Bows

Every archer knows the thrill of a perfectly strung bow, the hushed world around them, and the momentary breath held before release. Hoyt bows stands synonymous with this exhilarating experience, boasting a legacy deeply rooted in excellence and uncompromised quality. A journey through Hoyt’s storied past reveals not only a commitment to the craft but to the constant pursuit of innovation.

The heart of archery beats in the blend of tradition and technology, and Hoyt’s compound bows epitomize this union. With unmatched performance and precision, these bows are the choice of champions and passionate hunters alike. Hoyt’s proficiency in crafting cutting-edge compound bow technologies lets every archer aspire to the perfect shot.

Yet, the soul of archery rests with the traditions upheld by Hoyt’s recurves and the beloved Satori models. In exploring the Hoyt difference and choosing the right bow, archers encounter a world where craftsmanship meets customization, leading to the ultimate expression of archery’s spirit. This article takes you through the essence of Hoyt bows—from legacy to the latest innovations—inspiring both the newcomer and the seasoned archer in pursuit of the perfect arrow flight.

Hoyt Archery

Hoyt Archery stands as a paragon of excellence in the world of bowhunting, with a storied history that dates back to 1931. This esteemed company has built its reputation on producing high-performance compound and traditional recurve bows, meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of bowhunters. Each bow is a testament to Hoyt’s relentless pursuit of perfection, combining advanced technologies with precision craftsmanship to deliver a forgiving shot that is both dead-center accurate and powerful.

With a product line forged from the hands and minds of avid hunters, Hoyt understands that to achieve the sheer satisfaction of a successful hunt, one must wield equipment that promises maximum speed, kinetic energy, and relentless durability. Their bows are not just tools; they are lifelong companions on the quest for the toughest of game. Hoyt’s unwavering passion for archery shines through every design detail, cementing their place at the heart of the bowhunter’s arsenal.

History of Hoyt Archery

Since Earl Hoyt Sr. laid the foundations of his shop in 1931, Hoyt Archery has consistently reflected the true spirit of archery—a spirit rooted in tradition yet ever-evolving. For decades, Hoyt’s bows have been brought to life by the hands of people who share a common bond: a profound love for archery. The company marries tradition with innovation, offering traditional recurve bows that allow archers to experience the raw essence of archery, alongside modern, lightweight high-performance compound bows constructed for ultimate efficiency and endurance.

Every Hoyt bow, with its carefully crafted riser and sleek limbs, is engineered to surpass expectations, enabling hunters to maneuver effortlessly through the most challenging environments. The core philosophy of a design influenced by hunters for hunters ensures that each bow is not just an instrument but a part of the hunter, refined over generations for the ultimate hunting experience.

Hoyt Archery’s Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Advancing the frontier of bow technology, Hoyt Archery integrates groundbreaking features into their bows to extend the limits of performance and precision. Their pioneering ZT Turbo Pro Cam system exemplifies their innovation, utilizing patent-pending technology to reduce cam system torque and enhance balance for unprecedented accuracy. Meanwhile, the smoother draw cycle that Hoyt bows are known for can be largely credited to the sophisticated engineering behind their smooth roller guards, which also contribute to a crisper release that hunters rely on for crucial moments.

Hoyt’s devotion to creating a personalized shooting experience is evident in the versatile configurations possible with their flexible cable guard, allowing for optimal bow balance. This, coupled with a commitment to tranquility in the field, is where Hoyt’s clever use of technologies like the Split-Cable System and Limb Shox comes into play, resulting in a bow that delivers sweet silence upon release. Additionally, Hoyt’s refinement in vibration control is clear through the Shock Pod Vibration Damping System, which presents an ultra-steady platform for the arrow that’s prime for any hunting scenario.

Every element of a Hoyt Bow, from the integrated rear stabilizer to the all-new proprietary material crafted for durability, speaks volumes of a company that has not just built bows, but a heritage—a testament to quality and an everlasting rapport with bowhunters worldwide.

Hoyt Compound Bows: Unmatched Performance and Accuracy

Hoyt Archery’s lineage of excellence is undisputed in the bow hunting community, where precision, power, and a quiet presence are the hallmarks of the successful hunter. Hoyt’s compound bows encapsulate these qualities, offering unmatched performance and accuracy through pioneering engineering and design. The ZT Pro Turbo Cam technology is a standout feature in these potent tools, adeptly reducing cable-induced torque and lateral nock travel that can otherwise affect the trajectory and impact of an arrow. This innovative cam system ensures dead-center accuracy, a feature that turns close calls into confirmed successes.

Not only does Hoyt implement technology to tighten accuracy, but the bows are also designed for a velvet-smooth draw cycle, made possible by the Roller Cable Guard and the Rear Stabilizer Mount. These key features collaborate to diminish friction and streamline the shot process. Hoyt bows feel almost alive in the hands of the archer, with the Shock Pods Vibration Damping System and StealthShot™ technology reducing vibration to an imperceptible murmur. The outcome is a shot that feels as if the bow simply whispers the arrow away, leaving behind nothing but stillness and the bullseye of an archer’s aim.

The Advantages of Compound Bows

The compound bow holds a revered place among hunters and competitive shooters alike for its mechanical advantage—the synergy of multiple springs and pulley systems. Hoyt leads the pack with its high-tensile compound bows that offer amplified power, essential for hunters who face the most challenging and resilient game. The efficiency of the draw cycle and the reduction of friction, courtesy of silky smooth roller cable guards, translate to a bow that feels like an extension of the shooter’s own body—ready and brimming with potential energy.

Enhancing the Hoyt compound bow experience is the option for archers to truly make their weapon unique. The integrated rear stabilizer mount permits nuanced customizations, permitting the archer to tailor the balance of their bow to their shooting style, preference, and the conditions in the field. Combined with the vibration-damping capabilities present in the bow riser, Hoyt bows stand as paragons of a stable and hushed release, paramount for maintaining the element of surprise.

Hoyt’s Cutting-Edge Compound Bow Technologies

At the forefront of archery technology, Hoyt’s compound bows are supercharged by the ZT Pro Turbo Cam, the turbo engine of Hoyt’s entire product lineup. This cam system is crafted for those who thirst for maximum speed without sacrificing performance. Another differentiator in Hoyt’s arsenal is the Custom Tune Grip System, especially pertinent to the REDWRX series, which enables shooters to fine-tune the lateral grip position, achieving impeccable alignment for the center shot based on the unique form of their hand.

The commitment to minimizing torque and maintaining a paramount level of consistency is seen in the Roller Cable Guard, which ensures that each draw is as smooth and unvarying as the last. From the sturdy rear stabilizer mount that offers bespoke balancing options to the multiple springs and pulley systems that empower the bow with incomparable kinetic energy, Hoyt’s technologies are a blueprint for performance that satisfies the demands of the most arduous bowhunter.

The Perfect Shot: Accuracy and Performance with Hoyt Compound Bows

When the moment of truth arrives, and a hunter’s skill is tested by the rigors and unpredictability of the wild, the Hoyt compound bow stands ready as the ideal companion. The fusion of the ZT Pro Turbo Cam with the state-of-the-art vibration-damping system exemplifies precision engineering for those who will settle for nothing less than surgical accuracy. The Hoyt Custom Tune Grip System adds a layer of personalization, allowing shooters to achieve a grip that feels natural and offers unwavering center shot alignment.

Every feature of Hoyt compound bows is meticulously crafted to provide a distinct advantage in the field. The synergy between man, machine, and the natural world is encapsulated in these legendary bows, which promise not just the potential for the perfect shot, but the realization of it—time and time again.

Traditional Archery with Hoyt: The Satori and Recurve Models

For archers who value the unadulterated joy of traditional archery, Hoyt Archery illuminates the path back to the craft’s fundamentals with its esteemed Satori and other recurve models. The Satori line, conceived with simplicity and tradition as its cornerstones, both honors archery’s storied past and integrates advanced technologies of today. This blend allows enthusiasts to draw and release, feeling every nuanced motion in its purest form.

Crafted with an eye to the contemporary, Hoyt’s recurve bows leverage modern synthetic materials that bring traditional designs to life. Not merely mimicking bygone eras, these traditional bows are engineered for today’s archers who seek that authentic experience without compromising on longevity and robustness. The Satori operates with a forthright body and bowstring arrangement, simplifying the process, connecting archers to the roots of the craft and providing a sensation of elemental archery in every shot.

Embracing the Spirit of Archery: Traditional Hoyt Bows

The Hoyt Satori, Buffalo, and Dorado traditional recurve bows are imbued with a tangible ethos—the spirit of archery. These bows, engineered for the purists at heart, deliver a traditional sensation supplemented by modern performance that Hoyt is synonymous with. The unparalleled hollow carbon risers possess a forgiving nature, ensuring that precision and consistency never elude the archer’s grasp.

Hoyt Archery’s journey alongside the devoted archer is evident in their traditional recurve bows’ design and function—catering to those who commit to archery not solely as a sport, but as a mode of expression. Root River Archery recognizes this dedication and, in that spirit, includes traditional Hoyt recurve bows in their extensive hunting packages, providing solutions tailored to every archer’s individual practice.

The Iconic Hoyt Recurve Riser Designs

At the very essence of what makes Hoyt recurve bows legendary are the iconic recurve riser designs. These risers are symbolic of the traditional archery aesthetic, matched with synthetic material durability for a blending of worlds—antiquity meets enduring. The risers, denoting quality and craftsmanship, furnish archers with a reliable foundation for accuracy and efficiency that seem almost effortless.

Balancing simplicity against functionality, Hoyt recurve risers embody a duality that caters equally to beginners taking their first draw and to seasoned traditionalists seeking refinement in their equipment. Hoyt’s innovation, thriving at the intersection of authenticity and technological advancement, maintains their legacy at the forefront of traditional archery.

Ultimate Accuracy with Hoyt Recurve Bows

With Hoyt Archery’s recurve bows, like the Buffalo and Dorado, ultimate accuracy isn’t merely a possibility—it’s an expectation. The industry-leading, hand-laid hollow carbon risers imbue these bows with superb forgiveness and accuracy, marking a new standard in recurve bow efficiency. They exude a primal sensation, a visceral connection to the hunt that compels traditional archers to return to these models time and again.

Every Hoyt recurve bow, including the distinguished Buffalo and Dorado, echoes the true spirit of archery through its craftsmanship and performance. Recognizing this exceptional synergy, Root River Archery extends a range of complete hunting packages built around the dependable precision of Hoyt recurve bows, ensuring each archer finds the ideal setup for their traditional forays into the wild.

The Hoyt Difference: Innovative Technologies and Products

Hoyt Archery has consistently set the bar for excellence in archery, and a significant reason for this is their commitment to innovative design and advanced technologies. The Hoyt lineup is legendary for integrating state-of-the-art features that cater to the passionate bowhunter and the competition archer alike, ensuring that every arrow released flies true to its target. Key among these features is the ZT Pro Turbo Cam—the fastest cam in Hoyt’s extensive product line. This powerful cam system is intricately engineered to minimize cable-induced torque and lateral nock travel, which are critical factors in achieving dead-center accuracy.

With unwavering focus on the finer points of shot performance, Hoyt has also developed the Shock Pod Vibration Damping System, a novel approach to eliminating riser vibration. This advancement adds an unprecedented level of silence and stability to each shot, allowing archers to maintain stealth and concentration in crucial moments. In addition, Hoyt’s StealthShot™ technology acts as a silent sentinel, dampening noise and vibrations at the point of release, thereby ensuring an unerringly crisp and accurate arrow departure.

In hand placement and comfort, the Hoyt X-ACT Grip System stands out. Devotedly designed, this grip system works to enforce consistent hand positioning, a fundamental aspect often overlooked yet essential for skillful shooting. With a comfortable and secure hold on the bow, archers find their shots less encumbered by variability, enhancing their connection with the bow and their confidence in the shot.

Lastly, the broad spectrum of draw weights available across Hoyt’s bow range underscores their commitment to inclusive design. Understanding that archers come with various strengths and preferences, Hoyt offers choices across the board, ensuring that every archer has access to a bow that aligns with their unique comfort level, thereby reducing fatigue and promoting shooting enjoyment.

Hoyt’s Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Shot Performance

When it comes to honing bow performance, Hoyt leaves no stone unturned. The ZT Pro Turbo Cam technology exemplifies this ethos with its balanced side-to-side load that curtails cable-induced torque. This technological sophistication directly translates to minimized lateral nock travel, which is paramount for pinpoint shot precision.

To further assist archers in their quest for the perfect shot, Hoyt’s rear stabilizer mount offers the flexibility to customize the bow’s balance. This essential feature allows for precision tuning aligning with the archer’s shooting style, resulting in more consistent and accurate shot execution.

Contributing to the smooth performance of each Hoyt bow, the Shock Pod Vibration Damping System works in concert with the rest of the bow’s mechanics to mitigate vibration and increase stability. This feature, coupled with StealthShot™ Technology, creates a near-silent shooting experience that bolsters the shooter’s ability to remain undetected in the field.

The X-ACT Grip System also takes center stage in this blend of advanced technology. Its comfortable, tailored grip contributes to a shooter’s first impression of the bow and serves as a solid foundation from which precise and effective shots are made.

Hoyt’s High-Quality Products: From Limbs to Cam Systems

Offering a satisfying selection of expertly designed products, Hoyt caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from those seeking adrenaline-inducing speed to the purists drawn to the essential art of archery. The ZT Pro Turbo Cam, renowned for its speed, is meticulously crafted to improve cable-induced torque and lateral nock travel, ensuring an unswerving path to accuracy.

Moreover, the Roller Cable Guard smoothens the draw cycle and enhances shot performance, evidencing Hoyt’s dedication to every detail of the bows’ operation. The custom-tune grip system, unique to the REDWRX series, signifies another leap towards personalization, allowing for lateral adjustments that cater to the individual shooter’s hand geometry.

For those who prefer a customized feel, the rear stabilizer mount provides an opportunity to refine the balance of the bow, a crucial aspect for achieving that perfect shot. Hoyt also upholds tradition within their product line with their recurve bows, inviting archers to step back into the essential spirit of archery—yet without compromising on equipped technologies fit for the modern-day hunter.

The Patent-Pending Split-Cable System: A Game-Changing Innovation

The Hoyt engineering team’s relentless drive for perfection has given rise to the Patent-Pending Split-Cable System—a transformative approach to traditional bowstring design. By dividing the traditional cable, this system circumvents the need for a flexible cable guard, which in turn reduces the torque experienced by the bow during the draw cycle. This reduction of torque is at the heart of Hoyt’s commitment to dead-center accuracy.

The balanced side-to-side loading achieved by the Split-Cable System not only enhances performance but also stabilizes the entire draw cycle, contributing significantly to an increased level of shot precision. With every iteration, Hoyt bows are redefining expectations, providing archers with smoother, more efficient draws.

A game-changer in the true sense, the Split-Cable System is deeply integrated within the bow’s architecture, creating a synergy of mechanics that cultivates superior accuracy and shooting efficacy. Hoyt’s dedication to innovation and advancement shines through with this patent-pending design, propelling the archery experience to new heights.

Incorporated into the very essence of the bow, Hoyt’s Split-Cable System affirms their status as pioneers in the archery field—a testament to their commitment to enhancing the sport through intelligent design and meticulous craftsmanship.

Choosing the Right Hoyt Bow for You

Selecting the ideal Hoyt bow involves consideration of your archery style, intended use, and physical capabilities. Hoyt’s offerings cater to a wide range of preferences, from the timeless artistry of recurve bows to the mechanical advantage of compound bows. Hoyt recurve bows embody the traditional archery experience with their elegantly simple design and are perfect for archers drawn to the purity and challenge of the sport. These recurves are particularly suited for those who wish to focus on form and finesse without the assistance of modern mechanics.

On the other hand, Hoyt’s compound bows are engineered powerhouses, brimming with advanced technologies like multiple springs and pulley systems. These features amplify the bow’s power, making them the go-to choice for hunters seeking the prowess necessary to take on game. The strength of compound bows ensures that they can deliver the kinetic energy required for ethical hunting practices.

Each Hoyt bow is designed to fulfill a unique set of archery needs. With a range of draw weights available, users can choose a bow that matches their strength and stamina, providing a harmonious balance between power and user comfort. Moreover, for those striving for a perfect fit, Hoyt bows are offered with varied draw length options, typically from 26-30 inches, accommodating archers of different sizes and maximizing comfort throughout the shooting process.

When considering the entire product lineup, Hoyt compound bow packages stand out as all-encompassing solutions for hunters, including essential accessories such as sights, rests, quivers, and stabilizers. These packages streamline the process of gearing up for hunting expeditions, ensuring that you’re well-prepared with a coordinated set of tools designed to work seamlessly with your Hoyt bow.

Understanding Draw Length and Draw Weight: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Determining your optimal draw length is critical when choosing a Hoyt bow. To find your draw length, extend your arms out to form a ‘T’ with your body. Have a friend measure the distance from the tip of one middle finger to the other. This number, once divided by 2.5, gives your draw length, guiding you to select a bow that will deliver maximum performance and comfort.

When it comes to draw weight, the spectrum offered by Hoyt accommodates users of varying strength and experience levels. Youths and beginners might explore bows with draw weights between 10-15 pounds to develop technique without undue strain. Meanwhile, older teens and smaller adults could benefit from the 25-40 pound range, providing enough power for effective practice while still manageable. Hunters and larger adults seeking bows should consider even heavier draw weights to ensure their arrows have the necessary force upon impact.

Exploring the Different Models and Options Available

Navigating through Hoyt’s diverse portfolio of bows can be exhilarating, as each model is imbued with specific traits to serve its intended purpose. Whether your archery path leads towards the authenticity of Hoyt recurve bows or the dynamic power of the Hoyt compound bows, there’s an option tailored for you.

For those with a passion for tradition and simplicity, Hoyt’s recurve bows offer a less complex yet highly skilled form of archery. These models are reminiscent of the archery of yesteryears while benefiting from modern materials and design for improved performance.

The compound counterparts, including those equipped with the ZT Pro Turbo Cam, are marvels of precision and innovation. These cams are particularly noted for their role in reducing cable-induced torque and lateral nock travel, ensuring arrows launched are on the truest trajectory to the target. Additionally, with features like a rear stabilizer mount, Hoyt compound bows offer not only power but also a level of customization that allows users to fine-tune the bow for optimal accuracy.

Hoyt Compound Bow Packages: Convenient and Complete Setup

For archers ready to test their skills in the hunt, Hoyt compound bow packages offer a comprehensive solution. Outfitted by establishments like Root River Archery, these packages are tailored to maximize the potential of specific models, such as the Hoyt Powermax and Powermax LD, and provide archers with a full suite of hunting tools.

These packages often include the basics—sights, arrow rests, quivers, wrist slings, and peep sights—items crucial to a successful hunting experience. By consolidating the necessary components into a single purchase, Hoyt ensures that hunters have a synchronized ensemble of equipment, eliminating the guesswork of pairing accessories with the bow.

Available in-store at Root River Archery, these Hoyt compound bow packages represent not only convenience but assurance that you’re leaving with a setup vetted for quality and compatibility. This turns the focus away from assembling an archery rig towards the sheer anticipation of the hunt ahead.

Archery Knowledge and Support: Hoyt Dealers and Manufacturers

Since 1931, Hoyt Archery has established itself as a paragon in the industry, dedicated to producing robust and top-performing bows for the discerning hunter. Known for their unwavering commitment to quality, Hoyt bows are conceived and designed by fervent hunters, encapsulating the ethos that only a product made by hunters can fully grasp and serve the hunter’s needs. Midwest dealers, seasoned in the nuances of precision archery gear, are proud purveyors of Hoyt Archery bows. These dealers understand that whether it’s the pursuit of cutting-edge carbon technology or the simplicity of a youth bow, Hoyt’s line-up is thoughtfully constructed to meet the diverse demands of hunters across the experience spectrum.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features like the ZT Pro Turbo Cam, advanced Roller Cable Guard, Rear Stabilizer Mount, and the adaptive Custom Tune Grip System, Hoyt bows stand out as marvels of engineering. These innovations are key to their legendary accuracy and personal customization, offering archers a responsive and forgiving shot experience that echoes the unique preferences and styles of individual users. With the assistance of these local experts, archers are not only investing in a mere piece of equipment but are endowed with a wealth of knowledge and support to elevate their craft to unprecedented levels of finesse and efficiency.

Archery Dealers: Your Source for Hoyt Bows and Accessories

Trusted archery dealers are invaluable allies in the journey to archery excellence, serving as your conduit to the esteemed range of Hoyt compound bows and accessories. Marrying meticulous craftsmanship with high-performance design, Hoyt bows equip hunters with a tangible competitive edge, whether in the field or at the range. From complete hunting packages that bundle essential gear like precision sights and secure quivers, to the exquisite hand feel of traditional bows like the Buffalo or Dorado recurve bows, dealers provide an entrée into Hoyt’s world of excellence.

Hoyt ensures that their state-of-the-art craftsmanship doesn’t end at the bow itself. The inclusion of customizable features like ZT Pro Turbo Cams and rear stabilizer mounts allows modern archers to dial in their gear for precise, dead-center accuracy and a crisper release. With every product primed for the realities of hunting, Hoyt transforms the traditional archery experience, enhancing it with lightweight, high-performance compound bows and time-honored recurve designs.

Archery Manufacturers: Upholding the Hoyt Standard of Excellence

In the venerated halls of Hoyt Archery, a legacy of precision engineering and passion for the hunt has been upheld since the company’s inception in 1931. Each bow, whether a streamlined compound or a gracefully curved recurve, is the manifestation of Hoyt’s unwavering dedication to providing hunters and archers with reliable, high-performance tools. These bows, constructed by individuals who possess a heartfelt passion for archery, are designed to cater to hunters’ specific needs, from the high-tech endeavours with top-tier carbon bows to the foundational experiences offered by mid-level and youth options.

In an unending quest for perfection, Hoyt engineers tirelessly refine their designs, infusing each bow with the ability to grant hunters the ultimate advantage. Whether it’s during a prolonged stalk in the wilderness or capturing the true essence of archery, Hoyt’s commitment to quality ensures a profound connection with every arrow released.

Archery Supplies: Everything You Need for a Successful Hunt

Root River Archery, taking pride in equipping hunters for success, provides complete hunting packages centered around the high-performance Hoyt compound bows. These meticulously curated collections ensure hunters are not merely fitting into their gear but are wielding extensions of themselves—lightweight, robust, and faultlessly aligned with the hunt.

Hoyt’s reverence for the history of archery shines brightly in their recurve range, with models like the Buffalo and Dorado offering a perfect amalgamation of classic feel and modern efficiency. These bows stand as tributes to the spirit of archery—transcending mere sports equipment to become partners in the hunt. Precision-engineered and performance-tuned, Hoyt bows are synonymous with a superior hunting edge, tailored for the demanding conditions of the wild.

Custom Archery Equipment: Tailoring Your Gear to Your Needs

In the realm of fine archery, a one-size-fits-all approach is a non-starter. Hoyt Archery celebrates individuality, offering custom bow configurations that deliver a truly personalized shooting experience. The HBX Xact Cam system exemplifies this philosophy, presenting shooters with the ability to fine-tune draw lengths to exacting standards—a mere 1/4” adjustment can be the key to flawless performance.

Experts at Root River Archery personify this spirit, assembling complete hunting packages with Hoyt compound bows, fitted with all the requisite accessories for a truly synchronized and bespoke archery setup. Whether it’s the silent release of an arrow or the seamless absorption of kinetic energy, Hoyt’s impressive assembly of carbon and aluminum engineering ensures that their bows not only embody silent lethality but stand as paradigms of peak efficiency for the ardent archer in the great outdoors.

Hoyt Helix Turbo – Archery Country

For expert bowhunters who demand the pinnacle of speed and power, the Hoyt Helix Turbo at Archery Country emerges as a standout choice. Steering the latest advances in archery technology, this compound bow is a triumph of relentless innovation. Hoyt Archery, revered for their tradition of excellence, has integrated cutting-edge features such as Limb Shox and Shock Pods into the Helix Turbo to absorb vibrations, ensuring a smoother shot with reduced noise. The StealthShot string suppressor further enhances this quiet precision.

At its core, the Helix Turbo is fortified with a super-charged ZT Turbo Pro Cam system designed to amplify shot performance. The outcome is a bow that offers a swift arrow release with a punishing force—key factors that seasoned hunters crave. With its lower brace height, the Helix Turbo facilitates a potent blend of speed and power without sacrificing the forgiving nature Hoyt bows are known for.

Those eager to clutch the raw energy of the Helix Turbo should seek out certified professionals like those at Archery Country, an authorized Hoyt dealer. Due to Hoyt’s policy, the Helix Turbo and other high-quality Hoyt bows cannot be purchased online, ensuring customers receive expert fitting and personalized service that online shopping cannot replicate.

Hoyt Carbon RX Twin Turbo

Archers seeking a bow as advanced as their ambitions will find the Hoyt Carbon RX Twin Turbo exceeds expectations. With a prodigious brace height of 5 ⅞ inches, this model pledges precision and dead-center accuracy on every release, a testament to Hoyt Archery’s unparalleled craftsmanship. The Hoyt Carbon RX Twin Turbo, offered in a 29-inch draw length and a 70-pound draw weight for right-handed users, perfectly fuses power with ergonomics for an exceptional archery adventure.

Central to its architecture is the formidable ZT Turbo Pro cam system, enhancing the shooting experience with a notably smooth draw cycle—a critical feature that bowsmiths at Hoyt have refined to near perfection. The Turbo Cam is married with an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches, yielding a well-balanced bow that assists archers in maintaining consistent accuracy under various conditions. Add to this a blistering IBO Speed of 350 FPS (ATA), and the Carbon RX Twin Turbo stands as a beacon of maximum performance.

Each element of the Hoyt Carbon RX Twin Turbo is engineered for an archer who accepts no less than elite performance. With specs such as these, the Carbon RX Twin Turbo is not merely a bow but a revolution in hand, ready to take on the toughest animals and deliver sheer satisfaction with every arrow loosed.

Hoyt Carbon RX-4 Turbo – Hoyt Bows – Archery Country

Renowned for their relentless pursuit of excellence, Hoyt Archery’s Carbon RX-4 Turbo stands at the forefront of high-speed performance in their expansive lineup of bows. For archers looking to maximize velocity, the ZT Pro Turbo Cam—the fastest cam available in any Hoyt product—catapults arrows at breakneck speeds while maintaining a fluid draw and a dead-center accuracy from which Hoyt bows have earned their reputation.

Perfectly blending technology with user comfort, the Carbon RX-4 Turbo features Hoyt’s innovative X-ACT Grip system. This ergonomic innovation ensures an optimal hand position, serving as the foundation for a consistent and repeatable shooting form. With such meticulous attention to the archer’s interface, accuracy follows as a natural consequence.

For those who demand personalization in their gear, the integrated rear stabilizer mount allows for custom balancing. This feature is a key to accuracy for serious shooters, offering the freedom to tailor the bow’s feel to their specific shooting style.

Integrating StealthShot technology, the Hoyt Carbon RX-4 Turbo excels in delivering a crisper release, minimizing string vibration, and cutting down on the noise – all of which contributes to the sweet silence and precision that expert archers value.

Impressive in stature, this model boasts dimensions and physical capabilities built for performance, with an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches and a brace height of 5 1/2 inches. Tipping the scales at a mere 4.4 lbs, the Hoyt Carbon RX-4 Turbo exemplifies the fusion of lightweight design and power, arming archers with a formidable tool in their pursuit of archery dominance.

Hoyt Carbon RX-7 | Carbon RX-7 Ultra

Expanding upon their commitment to advanced technologies and robust archery tools, Hoyt Archery presents the Carbon RX-7 and Carbon RX-7 Ultra series – the newest innovation stemming from a fine lineage of bowcraft. These models uphold the legacy of Hoyt, delivering peak performance, unmatched durability, and the forgiving shot that has become synonymous with the brand’s identity.

The Carbon RX-7 Ultra, a beacon in the lineup, flashes specifications that reveal a relentless dedication to excellence. With a brace height of 5 inches and an overall weight of just 4 pounds, it challenges the notion of what’s possible in bow design – light, swift, yet uncompromising in strength.

Balance and alignment find their stride in the customizable grip system featured in the Carbon RX-7 series. This flexible approach allows archers to fine-tune their grip to match their technique, augmenting the lethal combination of stability and precision.

The Carbon RX-7 Ultra further impresses with an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches, and a remarkable IBO speed of 350 FPS, setting a high-water mark for what archers can expect in terms of performance. The series caters to various draw lengths, ranging from 26-28 inches and 28-30 inches, accommodating a broad swath of archers and their unique draw cycles.

Whether it’s the powerhouse precision of the Carbon RX-4 Turbo or the adaptable ingenuity of the Carbon RX-7 Ultra, Hoyt’s offerings at Archery Country stand as testaments to the brand’s dedication to crafting bows that respond to the archer’s every beck and call, delivering shot performance that only true mastery can yield.

About Hoyt Compound Bows

Hoyt compound bows are renowned for their advanced technologies, delivering dead-center accuracy and a forgiving shot performance that resonates with expert bowhunters. The power-packed features of these bows, such as the patented ZT Pro Turbo Cams—Hoyt’s fastest cam—catapult arrows at maximum speed, satisfying the need for energy and sheer satisfaction when hunting the toughest animals.

Hunters can customize their experience thanks to the varied draw weights available in both new and used Hoyt compound bows, ensuring there’s an option for every style and preference. In pursuit of the key to accuracy, these bows include a rear stabilizer mount allowing for a single bow setup tailored to the archer’s needs.

Unique to the REDWRX series, the custom tune grip system enables lateral grip adjustments. This ensures a crisper release and reduces lateral nock travel for enhanced shot precision. Hoyt has focused on every detail, ensuring that these bows boast the smoothest of draw cycles and exceptional kinetic energy.

Whether you are stalking prey or nailing targets, Hoyt compound bows stand ready to deliver peak performance in every scenario, encapsulating advanced design with every shot.

Hoyt Compound Bows Feature Summary:

  • Power System: Multiple springs and pulley system
  • Draw Weight: Variable, accommodating different strengths
  • Speed Cam: ZT Pro Turbo Cam for high velocity
  • Stabilization: Rear stabilizer mount for custom setups
  • Tuning: Custom tune grip for precise shot alignment