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Bear Archery Bows for Hunting

In the stillness of the forest, as dawn breaks, the legacy of Bear Archery hums through the air, an embodiment of precision and tradition. Bear Archery has become synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship, especially evident in their bows designed for hunting. Dive into the history that has shaped this iconic brand.

Fred Bear, a name that resonates with reverence in the archery world, founded Bear Archery over eight decades ago. This introduction to the legend will explore how a passion for bowhunting and innovation forged a heritage of excellence that continues to influence archers today. Bear bows is not just a manufacturer but a custodian of a longstanding tradition.

This article will take you through the Bear Archery universe, from their most recommended bows, like the Bear bows Legit and Grizzly, to the full archery experience they offer. It will paint a vivid picture of what it means to be part of the Bear Archery community, their impact on the market, and how they support bowhunters with a complete suite of accessories. Welcome to the realm where modern technology meets time-honored skill: Bear Archery.

Bear Archery Bows

Bear Archery bows stands as a beacon in the world of archery, known for crafting equipment that embodies the very essence of quality and performance necessary for an unrivaled archery experience. Catering to all skill levels, from novices to seasoned hunters, Bear Archery’s 2022 lineup—featuring models such as the Alaskan, Whitetail Legend Pro, Escalate, Species EV, and Resurgence LD—illustrates their commitment to diversity and accessibility in the archery market.

Each bow is a testament to Bear bows passion for innovation, tailoring bows to different price points and preferences. The Resurgence compound bow is a prime example, boasting an efficient 80% let-off hybrid cam system complemented by a solid draw stop for that perfect backwall feeling.

The Resurgence RTH, notable for its 32″ axle-to-axle length, 6.25″ brace height, and impressive 335 FPS IBO speed, comes equipped with distinctive features like the GRIZgrip and KILLERWAVE limb dampeners. These unique components work together seamlessly to curtail noise and enhance comfort, demand on every archer’s journey.

Bear Archery remains a leading descendant of Fred Bear’s legacy, with bows that encapsulate the thrill of archery and serve as a unifying thread within the bowhunting community.

The Legacy of Fred Bear

The archery landscape was forever changed with the emergence of Bear Archery, an institution that began with a simple idea born out of passion and innovation. This legacy commenced in 1933 when Fred Bear and Charles Piper planted the seeds of what would grow into an industry titan. Initially part of a silk-screening operation, its pivot to archery catalyzed by Fred Bear’s vision granted the world a brand synonymous with excellence.

The company’s migration from Detroit to Grayling, Michigan in 1947 marked a pivotal moment, as it dove headfirst into the manufacturing and marketing of recurve bows and longbows. Fred Bear’s legacy is not solely rooted in Bear bows product range—which now includes a vast array of archery equipment—but also in his steadfast commitment to making archery accessible to novices and experienced archers alike, championing a global fascination with the sport.

Fred Bear: The Man Behind the Name

Fred Bear, an iconic pillar of modern archery, co-founded Bear Products Company in 1933 along with Charles Piper. Their business was originally involved with silk-screening, but Bear’s keen interest in archery led him to pivot the company’s focus. In 1938, he brought on board Nels Grumley, a skilled woodworker and bowyer, as the launchpad for Bear Archery, which was officially renamed in 1940.

Relocating to Grayling, Michigan, Fred Bear positioned the company at the heart of the bow manufacturing world, directing his energies into leading Bear bows to become the emblem of quality and craftsmanship in the archery community. Today, his story inspires countless enthusiasts, from those who hold their first bowstring taut to seasoned experts drawing on years of practice—all are part of the legacy stretching from Bear’s formative vision to the present day.

Bear Archery: A Heritage of Excellence

Established during the thick of the Great Depression, the Bear Products Company found its foothold as an advertising service before being steered onto a new trajectory under Fred Bear’s guidance. Bear Archery emerged out of a passion for bowmaking and quickly became a trailblazer with its hand-crafted bows. Its growth necessitated a larger manufacturing space, leading to the relocation to Grayling.

Here, Bear Archery honed its craftsmanship, incorporating new materials like fiberglass to create equipment that would set industry standards. In 1968, although ownership transferred to Victor Comptometer, Fred Bear sustained his vision by maintaining his leadership role. Bear bows might have been a latecomer to the compound bow scene, but it established its eminent status with groundbreaking models such as the Whitetail Hunter, thereby embodying a heritage of excellence that continues to resonate within the archery industry today.

Bear Archery Products for Bowhunters

Bear Archery has a steadfast commitment to providing bowhunters with equipment that exudes reliability and lethal precision. Predicated on a tradition of exemplary craftsmanship, Bear bows offerings are the epitome of what it means to depend on gear that performs with unwavering accuracy in the most crucial moments. Every piece of equipment—from the quiver to the bowstring—is crafted with meticulous attention to detail by skilled artisans. These are bows designed to last, enduring the rugged conditions of the wild with grace and durability.

Steeped in innovation, Bear Archery isn’t content to rest on its laurels; it continuously ventures beyond established boundaries with designs that meld modern technology and robust materials. Consider the Bear Archery Persist bow—a testament to the brand’s dedication to technological advancement. This marvel of engineering ensures stability and accuracy with a pinpoint sight system that zeroes in on the target, locking onto the bull’s-eye with ease.

Since 1933, Bear Archery has remained true to the visionary roots laid by its founder, Fred Bear. The legacy thrives as the company still leads the pack in delivering legendary bows. The focus has always been, and remains, on serving the bowhunting community by marrying reliability with breakthrough technology to craft tools that not only honor the heritage of the past but also meet the exacting demands of today’s bowhunters.

Embracing the Bowhunting Community

Forged from the same spirit that drove its founder, Fred Bear, Bear Archery has long been a nurturing force within the bowhunting and broader archery community. It’s a brand that opens its arms to all—irrespective of age or experience—under the majestic canopy of archery. With its expansive product line, Bear Archery succeeds in making the sport accessible to anyone with a desire to pick up a bow, a commitment echoed by its partnership with The Hunting Public to showcase that hunting is as straightforward as drawing a Bear bow.

Young enthusiasts aren’t left behind, as Bear bows provides pathways into bowhunting with instruments like the Bear Archery Pathfinder. This bow is tailor-made for youthful archers, featuring adjustable draw lengths and weights to grow alongside its user, encapsulated in a ready-to-shoot package that greets the burgeoning bowhunter with open arms.

With a dedication that has thrived since its inception in 1933, Bear Archery not only preserves but energizes a legacy of inclusion, reliability, and advancement. The brand transcends the mere act of releasing an arrow—it fosters a sense of belonging and a continuation of family values that have always been at the core of the bowhunting tradition.

Recommended Bows for Bowhunting: Bear Archery Legit and Grizzly

Within the vast expanse of Bear Archery’s stellar collection, two bows stand out for their proficiency and hunter-friendly design: the Bear Archery Legit and the Grizzly Recurve Bow. The Legit offers an 80% let-off with its hybrid cam system, blending power with ease for a smooth 335 FPS IBO performance delivery. Perfect for archers of diverse skill levels, the Legit compound bow comes in a ready-to-hunt (RTH) package furnished with Trophy Ridge accouterments, facilitating a seamless transition from purchase to practice field.

The Grizzly Recurve, on the other hand, harkens back to the traditional silhouette with modern enhancements such as the GRIZgrip™ and innovative KILLERWAVE™ limb dampeners. These additions make for a silent and tactilely gratifying shooting experience—qualities greatly valued by the discerning bowhunter.

Bear Archery’s lineup doesn’t end with these two flagships; the Resurgence compound bow is another feat of engineering with its DHC cam system, delivering power and precision in a 32 axle-to-axle design replete with an 80% let-off. 2022 saw the unveiling of an array of new models such as the Alaskan, Whitetail Legend Pro, Escalate, Species EV, and Resurgence LD—each arriving with unique attributes to satisfy a spectrum of bowhunting needs and preferences. Whether you’re new to the fold or a seasoned bowhunter, Bear bows delivers quality equipment attuned to the many rhythms of the hunt.

The Bear Archery Experience

Bear Archery has long been synonymous with the spirit of innovation and accessibility in the world of archery. From its foundation in 1933 by Fred Bear, the iconic figurehead of modern archery, this venerable company has dedicated itself to crafting equipment that underscores not just a deep-seated passion for the sport but a drive to make it available to everyone. It’s a vision where craftsmanship converges with advanced technology, resulting in legendary bows that are not only highly reliable and efficient but also carry the touch of skilled artisans’ hands.

Today, Bear Archery continues this mission through their expansive array of bows, marrying powerful performance with the latest in archery tech. Their products epitomize a rich heritage fused with cutting-edge design. With a staunch resolve to maintain stringent quality and durability standards, each piece of equipment bears the hallmark of Bear’s commitment to the archery community — be it a novice picking up their first bow or a seasoned hunter.

The brand’s 2022 lineup exemplifies an ongoing evolution in its offerings. From the powerful Alaskan to the smooth Whitetail Legend Pro, Bear bow is not just producing bows; they are breathing life into a dynamic industry, ensuring that the quest for innovation and the education of bowhunters remain at the forefront of their ethos.

Celebrating the Archery Journey

At Bear Archery, every archer’s journey is a story worth celebrating. Whether it’s the first arrow nocked or the thousandth target hit, the brand has designed a full spectrum of compound, recurve, and longbows to accommodate the varying needs of bowhunters at every skill level. Since its establishment by Fred Bear in 1933, the company has continually strived to popularize archery, maintaining a philosophy of inclusion and accessibility.

Bear Archery recognizes that the journey through archery is unique to each individual, offering an array of products that are not only advanced in capability but also embody affordability. They make it a point that the excitement and fulfillment of archery remain within reach, ensuring no one is hindered by cost barriers from experiencing the sport. This inclusive approach is reflective of Bear bows commitment to support and grow with archers at every stage of their adventure.

Being Part of the Archery Community: Bear Archery’s Impact

Bear Archery’s impact on the archery and bowhunting community is immense and multifaceted. It has consistently brought down barriers, making archery an approachable and exciting pursuit for people from all walks of life. The brand’s wide range of bow models, from the beginner-friendly options to the more sophisticated, competitive designs, allows archers to grow within the sport, continually evolving their skills and passion.

Community is at the heart of archery, and it embodies this by ensuring that everyone, from the young to the experienced, feels welcomed into the fold. The partnership with The Hunting Public is a testament to the Archery’s creed of simplicity and inclusivity in hunting, advocating for the sport to be accessible through the use of affordable and effective Bear bows. This philosophy serves not only to celebrate the community but to expand it by making everyone feel that they truly belong.

How Bear Archery Supports the Archery Manufacturers and Market

Bear Archery plays a pivotal role in underpinning the experiences of archery manufacturers, dealers, and consumers by delivering performance and technological advancements that are second to none. The strategic design approach in the 2022 lineup of compound bows, including the Resurgence RTH and the reimagined Kodiak Hunter, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to providing a range of options suited to differing tastes and budgets.

With craftsmanship as its cornerstone, this Archery ensures that each product — from bows to arrows and accessories — is meticulously crafted to perfection. Their contributions to the archery market are not just about manufacturing superior products but about being at the vanguard of technological advancements, driving innovation forward for the benefit of the entire archery community.

Bear Archery’s Suite of Accessories

Complementing an already robust lineup of bows, Bear Archery offers a suite of essential accessories that enhances the archery experience. These include a single pin sight for unmatched precision, two youth safetyglass arrows designed for safety and durability, and the industry-celebrated Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit for arrow rest dependability. Additionally, Bear Archery provides a two-arrow quiver for convenience and a knock set for the precise alignment of bowstrings.

The commitment to a complete archery experience extends to the youngest enthusiasts, their youth bows coming equipped with accessories that make it easy for beginners to get started. The Archery is invested in the growth of young archers, providing the tools they need to embark on their archery journey with confidence. Through these comprehensive offerings, Bear Archery reinforces its vision of inclusivity, ensuring that every archer has access to quality equipment from the very beginning of their path.

Bear Archery Legit RTH

Bear Archery continues to make the sport of archery accessible to all with the Legit RTH compound bow. This versatile bow is adaptable for archers of every age and skill level, ensuring a broad inclusion within the bowhunting community.

With a price tag of $429.99, the Legit RTH stands out as an investment in quality without breaking the bank. The company also offers additional kit options, providing a tailored experience for each archer’s unique needs.

One notable bundle is the Legit RTH Extra Extra Kit. This comprehensive package goes beyond the basics, with Trophy Ridge arrows that come complete with inserts and field points, a sleek Trophy Ridge release for smooth operation, and sharp Rocket broadheads sure to please any hunting aficionado.

However, it’s important to act quickly, as the Bear Archery Legit RTH and its Extra Extra Kit are available in limited quantities. This bow package not only promises convenience but also includes quality components integral to an enriched archery journey.

Bear Archery Legit RTH Pricing:

  • Standard Bow: $429.99
  • Extra Extra Kit: Additional cost, varies by retailer

Bear Archery Legit RTH Includes:

  • Trophy Ridge accessories
  • Versatile for all skill levels
  • Ideal for any age archer

Bear Archery Legit RTH Extra

Bear Archery, a brand synonymous with the bowhunting community, caters to enthusiasts of all skill levels with their versatile product range. Among these offerings, the  Legit RTH Extra Extra Kit stands out as an exceptional package designed to enrich the archery experience. This comprehensive kit is not just a bow; it comes complete with Trophy Ridge arrows accompanied by inserts and field points, a dependable Trophy Ridge release, and precision-crafted Rocket broadheads—all included to provide an out-of-the-box solution for passionate archers.

With a price of $529.99, the Legit RTH Extra Extra Kit is a value-packed selection for those looking to elevate their archery journey. Currently, inventory is low, with just 2 kits remaining in stock. For those seeking a more basic setup, the Legit RTH itself is a compelling choice. Priced at $429.99, this compound bow is tailored to fit ardent archers across varied age brackets and skill levels, and there are only 8 of these bows left available.

Bear Archery Legit RTH Options




Bear Archery Legit RTH Extra Extra Kit


2 in stock

Bear Archery Legit RTH


8 in stock

Bear Archery has built a reputation for making archery accessible without compromising on quality, and the Legit RTH series is a testament to their commitment to the sport. Whether you are new to archery or well-versed in the discipline, these products affirm Bear Archery’s status as a vanguard in the archery market.

Bear Archery Royale RTH

Discover the ideal starter bow with the Bear Archery Royale RTH, crafted specifically with budding archers in mind. This meticulously designed compound bow couples durability and performance, ensuring a long-lasting archery experience for the novice enthusiast.

Price Range: $301.64 – $389.99 Availability: Limited (Only 11 units left)

For young archers, the Royale RTH stands as a beacon of quality. Its build promises steadfast service through countless practice sessions and introductory hunts. Moreover, the value is amplified with the Extra Kit option, which equips the young marksman with 5 Trophy Ridge Wrath Arrows, complete with inserts and field points, as well as a Trophy Ridge youth release, preparing them for a comprehensive archery journey.

As a brand at the forefront of the archery industry, Bear Archery is renowned for making the excitement and challenge of archery accessible to all skill levels. By choosing the Royale RTH, you’re not just purchasing a bow; you’re inheriting the legacy and passion for excellence that Bear Archery embodies.

Please note that the  Royale RTH is subject to availability and prices vary with configuration. Get on target with your archery dreams by selecting this robust and reliable model—while it’s still in stock.

Bear Archery Royale RTH Extra

Discover the Perfect Introduction to Archery with the Bear Archery Royale RTH Extra Kit. Are you looking to spark a passion for archery in a young enthusiast? Bear Archery understands the need to start off on the right foot, which is why they’ve crafted the Royale RTH Extra kit—an ideal choice for budding archers. Priced at $389, this kit isn’t just another piece of equipment; it’s an investment in the future of the sport.

This comprehensive set is specifically designed to suit skill levels at the early stages, offering a solid foundation for those beginning their archery journey. The kit proudly includes 5 Trophy Ridge Wrath Arrows complete with inserts and field points—everything needed to hit the target right out of the box. Also included is a Trophy Ridge youth release, tailored for young hands to master the skill of smooth release.

With only 11 units currently available, the Royale RTH Extra kit is in high demand. It serves as not only a condition of purchase but as a ticket into the welcoming bowhunting community. Bear Archery ensures this kit is more than just equipment; it’s the start of a lifelong journey in archery.

Key components of the Bear Archery Royale RTH Extra Kit:

  • 5 Trophy Ridge Wrath Arrows with inserts and field points
  • Trophy Ridge youth release
  • In-stock status: 11 units available